Leaked Celebrity Tapes

María Fernanda Sextape

Leaked Celebrity Tapes
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María Fernanda is an Argentinian actress – who played in “High School Musical” as “Chachi”. She got fired from production after this sex tape featuring her and her boyfriend leaked.

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Heidi Montag Sex Tape

Heidi Montag
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Shay Johnson Sex Tape

Leaked Celebrity Tapes
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An aspiring model and actor, Shay “Buckeye” Johnson has made a name for herself for rap and hip hop music videos. Shay was one of the thirteen contestants fighting for $50,000 on the reality etiquette show, Charm School, but was eliminated during the finale. Now she stars in her own sex tape where you see […]

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Carrie Tucker Sextape

Carrie Tucker
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Nicole Austin Sex Tape

Leaked Celebrity Tapes
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Nicole Austin, married to Ice-T, is taking a shower in their bedroom. You have never seen such pair of tits. Perfectly round big boobs,blonde girl. What else can a rapper ask for?

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Chloe Sevigny Blowjob

Chloe Sevigny
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This Chloe Sevigny blow job footage taken from the film “The Brown Bunny”,2003. In this video you see Chloe Sevigny’s nude body as she blow naked.  No doubt this is the best Chloe Sevigny sex scene.

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Carrie Prejean Sextape

Carrie Prejean
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Carrie Prejean who is the wife of Kyle Bryan Boller [an American football quarterback] , miss California,USA 2009. Since then she has been modeling for fashion and bikini magazines. On NEWBIEMOVIE she is modeling herself masturbating and sucking hubby’s dick. Lucky guy.

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Fergie Sex Tape

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She is hot, she is sexy!! Fergie from “Black Eyed Peas” ladies and gentleman.In this sex tape Fergie is drunk almost falling from the bed. She had to be drunk if she filmed herself masturbating and giving a BJ. What a clitt!

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Chyna Sex Tape

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Chyna is a professional wrestler, who just wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend. The tape was filmed in China,how original.  They decided the world should know about their love life  so here is it.

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Carmen Electra Sex Tape

Carmen Electra
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Carmen Electra caught on this leaked sextape while at a private party. In the video ,Carmen is kissing another sexy dark haired girl and making out on the bed. The two are pleasing a young man ,but not before Carmen Electra strippteasing and giving a sexy lap dance to this lucky dude.

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Avril Lavigne Sextape

Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne Sextape video ,presented here, might be something we call in Hollywood – a rumor, might be. On Jun 2008 this sextape was leaked on the internet called the “Avril Lavigne Sex Tape Scandal” and the interesting thing is that even if there was no approval of the authenticity of this leaked tape by […]

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Kerry Katona Sex Tape

Kerry Katona
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Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona has been busted with her very own hardcore sex tape. Kerry Katona appears in the tape apparently shot by her husband as she pleases herself then takes really good care of the lucky man.

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Katie Price Jordan Sex Tape

Katie Price Jordan
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This sex tape shows her giving some random guy a handjob and then laying down on a bed to use a vibrator on herself through her crotchless panties. The guy then begins to have sex with her and squeeze her very large breasts before she gives him a blowjob and rides him. Finally Jordan is […]

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Ashanti Douglas Sextape

Ashanti Douglas
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Watch this leaked/stolen Ashanti Sex tape video.

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Fantasia Barrino Sex Tape

Fantasia Barrino
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Fantasia Barrino is responsible for breaking up the marriage of a North Carolina couple after she was accused of having an affair with the man involved. In this hot sex tape you can see Fantasia with the married man.

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Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

Leaked Celebrity Tapes
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The tape shows Lindsay giving a very nice deep blowjob to her ex-boyfriend Calum Best. Lindsay is obviously no amateur at sucking a cock, or at least she is a fast learner.

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Keeley Hazell Sex Tape

Keeley Hazell
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UK’s hottest Page 3 girl, and FHM’s runner up in the sexiest women in the world has had a home made sex tape video leaked and we have a beautiful high quality copy just for you. This girl is absolutely smokin’ hot and one of our very favorites!

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Imogen Thomas Sex Tape

Imogen Thomas
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Imogen Thomas, the bombshell UK series 7 housemate and former beauty queen as well as Miss Wales 2003 has been caught in a steamy homemade sex tape scandal. The private video was leaked onto the internet after Imogen had been in the Big Brother house for several weeks and depicts her having sex with a […]

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Tonya Harding Sextape

Leaked Celebrity Tapes
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Tonya Harding was the first woman to ever get a perfect score in figure skating. Tonya shows how dirty our Olympic athletes can be, stripping, spreading her pink wide, getting fucked in her own sex tape. If there was a Gold Medal for “dirty slut”, Tonya would definitely be on the podium.

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Amy Fisher Sex Tape

Amy Fisher
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Amy Fisher met Joey at his auto repair shop. He taught her how to fuck and suck at a very young age, 16 years old… and a celebrity scandal was born! This sex tape features Amy and hubby going at it for over an hour from the bathtub to the bed. There is a lot […]

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Cameron Diaz Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz
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Cameron Diaz had originally demanded an injunction to stop photographer, John Rutter, from trying to exploit the photographs and video footage of her back in June of 2003. The photos and footage were taken when Diaz was a 19-year-old wild model . Cameron was very young when this footage was shot, but we can not […]

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Jessica Sierra Sextape

Jessica Sierra
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American Idol sex tape scandal has been leaked and now released. Jessica Sierra shot the sex tape in a cheap motel 6 in Florida with 2 other men and a woman that is the spitting image of Paula Abdul. Jessica is very freaky in this video and takes it in pretty much every hole she […]

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Gena Lee Nolin Sextape

Gena Lee Nolin
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“Baywatch” babe sex tape Gena Lee Nolin bites the dust. Apparently, in the mid 1990′s, between her 3 breast augmentations, she found time to make a porn video with her then-husband Greg Fahlman. It looks like Greg kept the sex tape and a woman he later became involved with stole it and the tape ended […]

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Alyson Hannigan Sextape

Alyson Hannigan
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Alyson gets treated like a real ho in this video made before she hit the big time in in the blockbuster “American Pie” .She gives some lucky guy a very ruff blowjob, then he cums all over her face! The masturbation part of the sextape to us is the best part hands down.

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Abi Titmuss Sextape

Abi Titmuss
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Abi Titmuss and another black woman was exposed on the Internet for us! The video is pretty good with lots of girl on girl action and multipal sessions of 3 or more having sex at the same time. If you are an Abi Titmuss fan this is a must see for you.

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Debra Byrne Sextape

Debra Byrne
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Debra Byrne – Australian celebrity sex tape. Debra made this sextape with her boyfriend in time she was drunk. Watch and rate.

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